Day: November 24, 2021

Boiserie and Artwork from Bellavista Collection: Popular with Customers, Turned Heads at iSaloni

Although Bellavista Collection is mostly known for its Italian luxury furniture, this brand also offers a wide range of items no properly furnished home can do without. The brand sells mirrors, lighting fixtures, boiserie and various decorative articles, such as sculptures and panel pictures, to name a few. 

You will find these decorative pieces on the company’s website, in HOME DÉCOR product category. One of the sub-categories is named BELLAVISTA DETAILS. It’s well worth browsing through this sub-category is a treasure trove for everyone who is looking for something special to add zest to their home.

For instance, if your walls are bare, you may want to get wall paneling to cover them and probably pictures as the finishing touch. In BELLAVISTA DETAILS, you’ll find three eye-catching panel pictures, which will easily blend in almost any interior. As for top-quality boiserie, it is waiting for you in a separate same-named product category. Just open it, and you’ll realize what makes Bellavista’s boiserie stand out.

 First, all Bellavista’s boiserie is made of natural materials, which means that these panels are eco-friendly. No plastics – only wood (ST. REGIS), combination of wood and fabric or leather, or wood, fabric, and metal details, which form a lovely pattern (like in ERACLE).

Second, they are extremely diverse but equally beautiful. You will surely find the variant that will harmonize with your doors, floors, and furniture.

Third, they are practical, customizable, and easy to install. Applying boiserie is a great way to hide various cables yet leaving them accessible for repair.

And, last but not least, prime-quality wall paneling from Bellavista Collection looks chic indeed.

Bellavista Panel Pictures at iSaloni

Wooden panel pictures also hit the taste of Bellavista’s customers. No wonder: ARTDECO, FLOWER and ROSE look like pieces of modern art rather than decorative items.

Visitors of prestigious trade exhibitions liked these pictures a lot, too.  From the very start of the brand Bellavista Collection has regularly participated in trade fairs. The biggest, the oldest, and the most recognized of them is Salone Internazionale del Mobile, or Milan Furniture Salon, often called iSaloni for short. Unfortunately, the 2019 edition was the last one held live… for the reason we all are well aware of. But nothing lasts forever, and industry professionals are already looking forward to the sixtieth edition of the Salone del Mobile, which is planned to take place in April 2022.

Let’s hark back to a few iSaloni editions of the past. 

FLOWER was designed and first showcased at iSaloni 2012, where it caught the fancy of numerous visitors. This magnificent picture, masterfully composed of pieces of wood (so that their edges form the lines), depicts two branches of a beautiful wild rose. This panel is pretty sizeable: 102 cm (40.2 in.) wide, 172 cm (67.7 in.) high, and 4,7 cm (1.9 in.) thick. The material chosen for this picture is solid wood, veneered with moka-stained walnut. Pieces of dark-colored wood rest on a rear support panel, made of plexiglas. Using …