Day: December 4, 2021

Landscape Maintenance Tips

5 Amazing Home Lawn Maintenance Tips

Your landscape has a significant impact on your home’s visual appeal, and thus, its value. Therefore, it is important that you maintain your landscape every season. These are some landscaping tips to help you keep your garden looking great all year.


Every year, you need to prune your trees and shrubs. The first step is removing all the dead branches. Then, you want to open up the middle of these plants so that air can flow freely through them. Additional pruning may be necessary to improve their shape. Some trees and bushes, such as those that bear fruit, have special pruning needs. You can always search for a local contractor, e.g., “shrub maintenance Egg Harbor Township NJ.”

Remove Debris

The last thing you want to see is dead, dried-up plant matter or random debris spread throughout your yard. Therefore, you should consistently look for rocks, leaves, twigs or branches or any other debris that falls into your yard. Therefore, as part of your lawn maintenance, pick it up quickly so it doesn’t damage your lawn or other plants. If you have a mulch area, you can place the organic matter into it to produce high-quality dirt for your next planting season.

Rake Your Lawn

Yes, you should rake the leaves out of your lawn in the fall. All they can decompose and feed your lawn, too many leaves may also suffocate it. Therefore, they should be removed and put into a mulch pit. You should also rake during the spring. This raking focuses on removing any dead and dry grass from your lawn. Raking your lawn also gives you the opportunity to look for matted patches of snow mold, dead grass and bald spots that you can treat right away.

These are just a few tips to help you keep your landscape looking great. Consult a landscape contractor for more tips and tricks.…