3 Options for Storm Protection Shutters

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Between 1980 and 2020, there was more than $1.8 trillion worth of damage caused by weather in the United States. A large portion of that weather damaged happened in Florida, where the number of hurricanes and tropical storms we experience every year seems to be ever-increasing.

For homeowners, this means we have to continue to look for ways to protect our homes.

One of the best solutions is to invest in hurricane shutters. The great thing about this option does not only do they provide an essential layer of security, but there are also options that will match the aesthetic of your home.

White Aluminum Fort Myers, for example, offers the following options for homeowners:

Rolling Shutters: This roll-down storm shutter is mounted around the opening of your window and is protected with rails at both sides and a headbox that houses the curtain when you open. When it’s not hurricane season, the rolling shutters can provide insulation and privacy for your home.

Accordion Shutters: This type of hurricane storm shutter stacks beside the opening when not in use and unfolds accordion-style to cover and protect during a storm. This option is great because it is typically more affordable than others, and it also work well for sliding glass doors.

Bahama Shutters: Bahama Shutters employ articulating louvers that offer the best outward views, with the ability to close and prohibit large volumes of air from pressurizing the structure. These are permanently affixed to your home or business, so they require no storage space.