Quality Wooden Flooring for Any Interior Space

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Engineered oak wood flooring is the future of interior design, and it may be your best option for a variety of reasons. They make these floors with three layers bonded together to form an extremely stable surface. Engineered oak Denver has manufacturers that offer this type of flooring, which can last anywhere from 15 to 50 years, thanks to the materials and layers used in its construction and practicing proper care.

Benefits of Engineered Oak

Engineered oak provides a modern, timeless, and sophisticated look to any interior space. The benefits of engineered oak make a great alternative to typical wood flooring, as it has many ways to fit your desired design in both quality and price.

Doesn’t Warp or Expand Like Normal Floors do

Unlike typical hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood doesn’t warp or expand due to its construction.

Looks Like Real Wood

One of the finest features of today’s engineered wood flooring is that it appears to be genuine wood.

Extremely Durable

The layer’s engineered flooring, consisting of, instead of one solid piece, several layers, makes the flooring durable and able to handle heavy traffic.

Can be Sanded and Refinished

When it’s time to refresh your floors from scratches or dents, this type of flooring can be sanded and refinished.

Patterns to Fit Your Design Style

There are a few patterns, such as chevron or parquet, which can fit into your design depending on what you need.

Multiple Grades, Species, and Finishes

When you’re choosing your flooring, there are plenty of grades, species, and finishes for your needs and what you want to have aesthetically.

Easy To Install

With an easy installation, this makes it the best way to get flooring quickly if you’re looking for something at a certain period.

Costs Less Than Traditional Flooring

Since this isn’t true solid wood, it costs much less than your traditional wood flooring, making it easier to fit it into your budget and still have nice-looking flooring.

If you’re looking for a floor that will last, is easy to install, and won’t warp or expand like traditional floors do, then engineered oak could be the perfect option. This type of wood looks just like genuine wood but isn’t as expensive! Engineered oak can be sanded and refinished too, so your investment in this product goes even further. There are multiple grades, species, finishes, patterns available, with many options at your local flooring company waiting for you to come by and see them all!